What we do

We utilize cutting edge technologies to enhance video images captured under challenging conditions - in real-time. Our team of professionals will educate and help you determine what are the best solutions in enhancing your realtime videos.

Low Light Conditions

Even the best cameras on the market can be rendered ineffective by adverse lighting conditions. ProHawk is able to provide real-time enhancement for images impaired by a full range of common lighting issues including poor light, back light and glare.

Poor Weather Conditions

Adverse weather can have a real impact on the effectiveness and clarity of image capture. ProHawk is able to cut through everything that nature has to throw at it including mist, fog, rain, snow and cloud.

Enviornmental Conditions

Environments can negatively affect image capture irrespective of the quality of the image capture device. ProHawk’s next generation technology is able to enhance images compromised by a host of environmental issues including haze, dust, smog, under water and distance.

Why choose us?

Our implementation and sales teams are top notch professionals determined to give our customers outstanding and unparalleled service.

Our solutions enhance many types of imagery including conventional video, infrared, thermal and even medical images. Support for various video cameras from SD to FHD resolution is available via a SDI connection. (Infrared camera and high or wide dynamic range camera are also supported.)

We are a veteran owned business with multi-service members on our team along with prior aerospace and aviation professionals.

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Who can benifit from this technology

World-renowned industries, Military, Security and Transportation.

Veteran Owned Small Business