EVT General Questions (4)

All you need to know about EVT and how to get Support.

Our solutions enhance many types of imagery including conventional video, infrared, thermal and even medical images. Support for various video cameras from SD to FHD resolution is available via a SDI connection. (Infrared camera and high or wide dynamic range camera are also supported.)
Many industries rely upon high quality real-time video images for their security, surveillance, staff and customer safety and operational efficiency. It is vitally important for these organizations to be able to monitor the best possible video images in real-time.
Simple to operate with automatic calibration and operation. The level of detail enhancement and color enhancement can also be changed easily by the operator requiring minimal training.
Our solutions are plug and play, meaning they can be quickly and simply integrated into existing camera and imaging systems. No need to set any parameters. Just connect the equipment between the camera and monitor/recorder.

EVT Powered by Prohawk™ Questions (7)

The answers on most common questions are described below.

Even the best cameras on the market can be rendered ineffective by adverse lighting conditions. EVT Powered by Prohawk™ is able to provide real-time enhancement for images impaired by a full range of common lighting issues including poor light, back light and glare.
Adverse weather can have a real impact on the effectiveness and clarity of image capture. EVT Powered by Prohawk™ is able to cut through everything that nature has to throw at it including mist, fog, rain, snow and cloud.
Environments can negatively affect image capture irrespective of the quality of the image capture device. EVT Powered by Prohawk™'s next generation technology is able to enhance images compromised by a host of environmental issues including haze, dust, smog, under water and distance.
EVT Powered by Prohawk™ utilizes powerful processors and sophisticated software algorithms to enhance video images captured under challenging conditions - in real-time.
Actionable information is key when it comes to security and surveillance. EVT Powered by Prohawk™ ensures that the best quality video images are provided no matter the condition allowing for enhanced decision making in safety critical situations.
Irrespective of the conditions EVT Powered by Prohawk™ is able to enhance and optimize the performance of existing video image systems helping to provide mission critical information when it counts the most.
A host of government agencies rely on real-time and retrospective video images to ensure both safety and operational efficiency from the Police to border control. EVT Powered by Prohawk™ makes sure that the quality of images they receive is the best possible in any given condition.

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