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Aerial Systems

Enhanced by EVT systems.

AERO EVT - Aerial Systems Technology

We provide a comprehensive suite of Enhanced Vision UAV systems and services for commercial and industrial enterprises, aerospace organizations, government, and defense initiatives. We believe we offer the most innovative and effective UAV services available anywhere in the world.

Police/Fire/Rescue Support

Downrange Support

Interdiction, Vehicle Escort

Tethering, Over-the-Horizon

Security: Sentry, Range Control

Aerial Photography & Videography

Why use our Aerial Systems?

Our heavy lifter platforms and mounted technology allow teams to use heavy, large sensor cameras with Enhanced Vision Technologies needed for the more specialized work. We can customize all inspections for standardized flight patterns and fully autonomous flight. Our flight teams can coordinate up to 5 aircraft simultaneously making it possible to view segments concurrently.

Integrated Aerial Vehicles (IAV)

Our Integrated Aerial Vehicles (IAV) have redundant networking - using radio, cellular and satellite communications to ensure the full-time tracking and control of robotic aircraft, even from thousands of miles away.

End to End

An end-to-end solution for the drone-centric enterprise, allowing organizations from small to large, commercial and governmental, to deploy aerobotic technology in situations where manned operations would be dangerous, costly or less effective.

FAA Section 333

Systems have been granted an FAA Section 333 exemption and all of our pilots are Part 107 certified.


Integrated low-altitude airspace management systems to support industrial robotic aerial operations (Aerobotics), performing tasks that may otherwise be difficult or impossible.


All flight crews are FAA certified pilots, qualified to fly in restricted airspace. All photographers and videographers are masters of the craft.

Safer / Cheaper

Comprehensive aerial services using the most-advanced technology to apply aerial robotics to difficult or dangerous tasking. For most applications: Aerobotics are Safer and significantly more Cost-Effective.